New Product from Nancy Kaufman for CAS and Language Building!

Your favorite Mutt Family characters are back, and they want you to discover What’s In Your Doghouse? This engaging, hands-on, structured therapy tool will help children with CAS or developmental delays bridge motor speech to expressive language skills without taxing the speech motor planning system.


It’s all about getting a match! Your student(s) will have in front of them a game board and many doghouses, each with a token inside that may or may not be a match to their game board. The first student to get all 7 matches wins! Throughout the game, work with your student(s) to:

  • Expand language skills.
  • Produce simple common nouns.
  • Strengthen the ability to produce simple syllable shapes, especially CVC and simple bisyllabics, such as the Mutt Family character names (Buddy, Heidi, Paddy, etc).
  • Produce word combinations of two and three words in Verb-Object or Subject-Verb-Object phrases.
  • Produce grammatically correct sentences.
  • Improve social interactive language.


With minimal preparation, this can be played with 1 – 6 players. Ideal for group therapy, including children with different levels of functioning. Great for one-on-one therapy too. Depending on your student’s ability, other options of play include:

  • Focusing on literacy.
  • Visual memory challenge.
  • Social skills reinforcement (turn taking, eye contact, etc).
  • Practicing simple pivot phrases.
  • Using word retrieval for nouns and verbs.
  • Targeting simple syntax and morphology.


This can also be used to reinforce and build on skills learned in the Kaufman Treatment Kit 1 and Kaufman Workout Book.


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts not for children under 3 years old. Made in the USA.




(product description courtesy of Northern Speech Services)