• Social Language Skills groups focus on understand and enhancing communication and increasing confidence
    in social situations. Click HERE for more information and call 248-737-3430 for our next start dates.
  • Help your child learn to have positive experiences with food in a nurturing group setting. The KCC offers Feeding
    Groups periodically throughout the year. Call us at 248-737-3430 for more information and start dates.
Student Observer Program

The KCC offers limited observation opportunities to speech-language and occupational therapy students looking for observation hours for school requirements, or for those considering a career in those fields.

Observers for speech-language will view several individual sessions and therapists. Occupational therapy observers will spend their time in the OT gym, sometimes experiencing many sessions at once. We recommend that observers bring paper and pen for note taking.

Please note: observers do not have any contact with the children and do not partcipate in therapy. If your school program requires a job shadowing where you interact with and help to treat children, this will not fit that purpose.

For more information or to schedule an observation, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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