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Nancy Kaufman

Nancy R. Kaufman, M.A., CCC/SLP, is the Director of the Kaufman Children's Center and has specialized in children with communication challenges since 1979. She is regarded as a national expert in her field, a respected author and lectures locally, nationally and internationally on the subject of apraxia of speech in children.

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Kaufman Speech Praxis Materials

Kaufman K-SLP
Instructional DVD Set

The Kaufman K-SLP® Instructional DVD Set is a comprehensive "how to" training program created with the specific objective to teach SLPs, in detail and step-by-step, how to implement the Kaufman Speech To Language Protocol (K-SLP) to help children who struggle to speak. Learn directly from Nancy Kaufman as she teaches children the skills of combining consonants and vowels into words, and words into functional expressive language. Features over 40 therapy session videos of Nancy Kaufman working with children of varying ability levels. Professionally produced and narrated by Nancy Kaufman.


nss-kit1 copy

Kaufman K-SLP Treatment Kit
Basic Level

Kaufman Kit 1 teaches children to combine consonants and vowels to form words while controlling for oral-motor difficulty. The 225 visual referent cards were selected specifically to target and teach the syllable shapes children need to master to become effective vocal/verbal communicators. Treatment methods employ a systematic and progressive approach of simplifying word pronunciation patterns to shape and expand verbal expression and make communication easier for children with childhood apraxia of speech and other speech sound disorders.



Kaufman K-SLP Treatment Kit
Advanced Level

Kaufman Kit 2 is designed for children who have mastered sounds /p, b, m, t, d, n, h/. This advanced level kit then works to refine intelligibility and build higher motor-speech coordination for children with apraxia of speech. Kit 2 uses familiar two- and three-syllable words to target more complicated motor-speech movements and synthesis into initial and final word positions.


nss-workout copy

Kaufman K-SLP Workout Book

Ideal follow up material after progress is made with the Kaufman Treatment Kits!  The Kaufman Kits helped to shape syllables into words. Now use Workout Book to expand single words into phrases and sentences. These materials are reproducible allowing the SLP to create home programs. Includes 16 reproducible motor-speech coordination workouts to stabilize the pronunciation of consonant-vowel combinations, and promote rapid development of expressive language skills while controlling for oral-motor difficulty. Building on Kaufman Kit 1, the activities feature familiar Mutt Family characters and focus on consonant-vowel combinations with /m, p, b, t, d, n, h/.


nss-nouns copy

K&K Sign to Talk NOUNS

K&K Sign to Talk Nouns is designed to transition nonverbal young children with autism from sign to vocal communication. This program helps to promote and shape spontaneous vocal language skills by providing a bridge from signing to vocal communication. Target words are depicted using amazing real-life photos on large, glossy cards, and were selected to represent high-frequency, everyday objects (nouns) that children frequently request and that double as excellent reinforcers. This Kit contains 150 noun cards displaying high-quality photos of the target object on the front. Reverse side displays the ASL sign and Kaufman progressive "word shell" approximations used to shape intelligible speech. The accompanying 40-page manual fully explains this approach. A must-have resource for any verbal behavior program!  



K&K Sign to Talk VERBS

For children who are largely nonverbal, K&K Sign to Talk Verbs was specifically designed to promote and shape vocal language skills, including for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. This Kit includes a variety of common actions (verbs) that children frequently request and that double as excellent reinforcers. Contains 80 cards total, featuring 2 unique photo cards per verb to support concept generalization. Each card displays a high-quality photo of the target action on the front. Reverse side displays the ASL sign and the Kaufman "word shell" approximations used to shape intelligible speech. The accompanying 40-page manual fully explains this approach. A must-have tool for any verbal behavior program! 



Kaufman Mutt Family
Total Language Buildier

The Kaufman Mutt Family Total Language Builder is an innovative therapy tool that allows children to create their own scenes as the clinician targets speech and language skills. The clinician has the flexibility to control levels of difficulty while teaching vocabulary and sentence building. The interactive, magnetic design will have children actively engaged and will hold attention. The game cue cards direct the magnetic Mutt Family characters into one of 18 different target actions to build language skills, including vocabulary, simple word combinations, sentence building, following directions, auditory comprehension, receptive language, and early literacy practice. Also teach prepositions, pronouns, present progressives, pronoun possessive agreement, third-person singular, and past tense formulations.  




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