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Diane Nancarrow, MA, CCC-SLP

Director, Adolescent Programs

Speech Language Pathologist

Diane N 2

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Diane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education, a master's degree in communication disorders and sciences, and received her provisional teaching certificate for grades 7 through 12. She also has a special endorsement for speech-language pathology.

Diane has advanced knowledge of children between the ages of kindergarten through grade 12. She has many specialties including, but not limited to, the following: auditory processing disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, developmental speech and language disorders, LINKS to Language, Picture Exchange Communication Systems, extensive experience in neurological communication disorders, adolescent language disorders, language to literacy, Fast ForWord® Family of Language Training Programs, The Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol, use of technology to facilitate learning, and application of ABA/ therapy techniques.

Diane facilitates the social language skills groups here at the KCC.

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