SPEAK Program Dates for Summer 2017 Have Been Announced

This summer’s SPEAK program will consist of six intensive speech camps of one week each, running Monday through Thursday. Two children will be scheduled for each week.  The Speech Praxis Experience at Kaufman (SPEAK) is an intensive program that includes both individual and group therapy.



  • July 10-13
  • July 17-20
  • July 24-27
  • July 31 – August 3
  • August 7-10
  • August 14-17




Monday – full evaluation and one session with Nancy


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

  • Two sessions with Nancy
  • One parent coaching session
  • Group time

In addition, there will be a parent exit conference on Thursday.


Therapy during the SPEAK program is recorded so families can share techniques with the child’s home team of speech-language pathologists.


Families are able to watch all sessions through an observation window.


Sessions include parent and caregiver training so that they can carry over skills within their natural environments.



While at the KCC, many families choose for their children to receive OT services. Oftentimes, kids with apraxia of speech or other speech sound disorders will benefit from oral-motor, fine-motor, and even sensory integration therapy. OT is an additional fee and is only available as our schedules permit.



If you are interested in having your child participate in SPEAK, your first step is to submit a video to determine if he or she is appropriate for the program. Click HERE for information on how to submit a video. Once Nancy reviews the video, she will contact you and get the ball rolling from there.