Video Consultations with Nancy Kaufman

We would love to meet and evaluate your child in person, but that is often difficult for families who live a great distance from the KCC. Instead, we invite you to submit a video of your child for consultation with Nancy Kaufman, MA, CCC-SLP, the owner and director of the Kaufman Children’s Center.


Nancy will watch a short video of your child and provide treatment goals, methods, and specific suggestions. No formal, written documentation is included in a video consultation; instead, Nancy will call or email you personally to provide her feedback.


When registering for KCC programs, children are required to be evaluated in person or on video to assess suitability for the program.  This is especially true for Nancy Kaufman’s 4-day intensive visits and her summer SPEAK program. Children will not be scheduled without completing a video consultation.



The fee for a consultation with Nancy Kaufman is $80 and must be paid prior to viewing of the video. Please call our office at 248-737-3430 to make a payment by credit card, or you may send a check to:


Kaufman Children’s Center

Video Consultations

6625 Daly Road

West Bloomfield, MI 48322




Please be sure to send the following details with your video so Nancy understands your child’s background and current challenges:


  • Child’s name and age
  • Parent’s name(s) and contact information (email & phone number)
  • Speech-language pathologist’s name and contact information (email & phone number)
  • Family’s location (city/state)
  • Summary of child’s background and current speech-language skills


Note to SLPs and other professionals: If you are submitting video on behalf of parents, you will need to provide a release from the parents that you have permission to discuss their child’s case with Nancy Kaufman.




It’s important that Nancy views a therapy session between your child and his or her speech pathologist so that she and the SLP can work together on strategies. Please have the child’s SLP show actual treatment techniques and not just a speech and/or language sample so Nancy is able to make some useful suggestions. Video clips should not exceed 30 minutes, but should give the best idea of what the child sounds like when they attempt to speak.


It is best if the SLP is interested in working collaboratively with Nancy and is familiar with the K-SLP methods and materials rather than this consultation being imposed on the SLP, who may not be interested or invested in the K-SLP techniques. This should be a positive and desired collaboration with the purpose of working together on behalf of the children!


Aim the camera at the child’s face. If available, administer parts of the Kaufman Speech Praxis Test (KSPT). Have the child imitate a series of isolated vowels, consonant-vowel combinations, words, and phrases. Have the child name common objects. Please say the name of each object after the child does, so that there is a reference for the true word. Try to provide some type of spontaneous speech.


If it is not possible to film your child in a speech-language session, parents should make sure to film the child demonstrating the skills listed above.


Please feel free to call us at (248) 737-3430 if you have any questions regarding this service.




Please submit your video to the KCC via one of the following options. Be sure to include details on your child’s background, which is listed under “required information.” Video is NOT accepted via email attachment or snail mail.


Share your video via DROPBOX


Create a free Dropbox account and upload your video.


Once your video is listed under your Dropbox files, right-click it and choose SHARE.


Send the link to and be sure to add your child’s background information in the message area.


VERY IMPORTANT – If you are sharing several video clips, we ask you to cut and paste each link into one email. Please DO NOT send an invite to a shared folder. This requires us to download the videos instead of viewing them online and takes valuable space away from our own Dropbox account.



Share your video via YOUTUBE


Create a free YouTube account and upload your video.


Be sure to set your video’s privacy settings to UNLISTED. This means that only those with the direct link will be able to view your video. Please do NOT set your video as private; we will not be able to view it.


Click on your video in the Video Manager area of your account. Under the video, click SHARE, then choose EMAIL. Send to and be sure to add your child’s background information in the message area.


Please note: YouTube is an online sharing service. If you are concerned about confidentiality, please the Dropbox option..